As a specific feature of the approach to the project itself and its presentation to future residents, we created a special sales space where anyone interested in Emerald garden will be able to get a fully personalized presentation of all segments of the project.

In the very centre of Podgorica, at 7 Vučedolska Street, there is a specially arranged space of the VHM Development company, intended for the future residents of Emerald garden. The concept of the space itself is such that it incorporates key systems and materials that will be inside the apartments so that potential buyers can see all their functionality and benefits of using them on the spot. Besides, the interior of the sales space is modelled after what the residents themselves might have in their apartments, from specially made furniture to show-pieces of well-known brands, which are at the top of the list of interior design companies.

All you need to do is to book your appointment by calling 067 / 002-000 or via e-mail:, for a personal presentation of the project and experience our idea of a different aspect of living – Emerald garden.