When designing this project, it was imperative to create a facility that would be in perfect harmony with the environment. The very vicinity of the Gorica Hill and the Moraca River and its particular emerald color were our inspiration for the very name of a completely different concept of living – Emerald garden. Near downtown, we wanted to create, for all future residents, a true little green oasis, a place where peace and security would imply.

The architectural project is based on the most up-to-date building standards, while the appearance of the building itself exudes modern and sophisticated aesthetics. When selecting materials, installation systems, technology installations, and partner companies that helped the project realization, the key factor was the superior quality that would provide maximum comfort to all those who choose an Emerald Garden apartment for their new home.

Many materials and systems have been used for the first time in Montenegro and therefore provide additional value and better quality of housing in such a building.

What makes Emerald garden so special? Because it is not designed according to unified measures and standards in the market, but to give its residents full freedom to personalize all aspects of the apartment according to their actual needs and desires. Our team of architects, interior designers and engineers is here to, along with the future residents, designs and achieve all that is important to you.

Emerald garden is more than just a residential building. Emerald Garden is an innovative concept of living infused with uncompromising comfort and the beauty of the river which flow outlines an elegant silhouette of a place you can proudly call your home.

Emerald garden. Imagine a river. Imagine a home.